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Kit includes:

  • 1 teeth whitening pen
  • Shade guide 
  • Dust bag 


Benefit for Kiasmile Teeth Whitening Pen :

  • Stronger than over the counter teeth whitening strips.
  • No trays, dental appointments or whitening strips to be applied to teeth.
  • Can be used on targeted areas in the mouth such as individual teeth.
  • Can be used before retiring to bed, to help whiten your teeth overnight while sleep.
  • Easy to carry, easy to apply whenever and wherever you want.
  • Gel application directly to teeth, minimises gum contact and irritation.
  • Enamel safe whitening ingredient used by dentists.
  • PH neutral, Easily brush on for a bright smile. 


· If you find a build up of saliva, wipe your teeth first with a paper towel, then apply the whitening treatment.

· Limit the intake of colored food and beverages.

· Combine your 6 day treatment with a healthy dental routine of brushing, flossing and staying away from products that cause stains – e.g. wine, smoking, coffee. Try drinking through a straw to help lessen the contact with the front of your teeth.

· Be patient. Whitening is different for every individual depending on the type of stains on your teeth, so result times may vary.



  •  Not suitable for caps, crowns, veneers or dentures.
  • Not suitable for teeth discolouration caused by lesion or medicine.
  •  Not suitable for infected teeth and decayed teeth.
  •  Not suitable for defective enamel, exerted dentin and damaged teeth. 
  •  Not suitable for children under 18 years old and pregnant women.


DISPATCH TIME: 2-3 days.


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