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Full kit includes:

  •  16xLED light
  • LED light case 
  • Type-C and USB adapters (for iPhone and Android)
  •  3 pens
  • Shade guide 
  • User manual 



16 Bright LED bulbs with cold blue light for teeth whitening treatment, the cable can be used with iPhone, Android, Type-C and USB, no batteries needed. Use it anywhere, anytime.


The whitening system is made from from medical-grade silicone, waterproof, uses safe wave lengths to whiten teeth with less irritation, and effectively prevents gum and periodontal disease. 


The large and elastic mouth tray perfectly fits your mouth and keeps the gel in place, convenient for home use. Do-it-yourself teeth whitening for brighter, healthier smile in just 16 MINUTES A DAY!


The mouthpiece has 16 LED bulbs that aim at the upper 8 tooth and lower 8 tooth for whitening.
It has an automatic 16 minute timer, so you can use it while doing something else.


· Every other day use for best results.

· If you find a build up of saliva, wipe your teeth first with a paper towel, then apply the whitening treatment.

· Limit the intake of colored food and beverages.

· Combine your 6 day treatment with a healthy dental routine of brushing, flossing and staying away from products that cause stains – e.g. wine, smoking, coffee. Try drinking through a straw to help lessen the contact with the front of your teeth.

· Be patient. Whitening is different for every individual depending on the type of stains on your teeth, so result times may vary.


PAP+ formula

Formulated in USA, PAP+ is designed to strengthen teeth during the whitening process, leaving them brighter and healthier than before.

The combination of powerful remineralising and desensitising agents guarantees a whiter, stronger, pain-free smile.

Our 3 Key Ingredients

Phthalimdoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP):

Is the active whitening ingredient designed to effectively oxidise stains without damaging the tooth. PAP releases no harmful molecules when whitening, which prevents important minerals from being affected.

Potassium Citrate:

Is the powerful desensitising agent that helps to relieve pre-existing sensitivity. It travels down into the tooth and through the soft layer of dentin to provide the nerves with lasting protection from pain and sensitivity.


Is an effective straightening ingredient that redeposits important minerals back into the tooth. This remineralisation strengthens the tooth enamel and dentin, which is turn protects the nerves within the tooth.



  •  Not suitable for caps, crowns, veneers or dentures.
  • Not suitable for teeth discolouration caused by lesion or medicine.
  •  Not suitable for infected teeth and decayed teeth.
  •  Not suitable for defective enamel, exerted dentin and damaged teeth. 
  •  Not suitable for children under 18 years old and pregnant women.


DISPATCH TIME: 2-3 days.


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